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Speed Up WordPress

In hopes to end all searches on making WordPress faster, and skimming countless articles advertising plugins that speed up WordPress i.e.

  • [Some ridiculous #] Ways to Speed up WordPress
  • [Some ridiculous #] Tips to Speed up WordPress Performance
  • How to Speed Up WordPress Website
  • [Some ridiculous #] Simple Hacks to Increase WP Site Speed
  • Top [Some ridiculous #…usually those that pay] Performance Plugins

Proven to Make WordPress Faster

  • Breeze - WordPress Cache Plugin
  • Speed Up -  Browser Cache Plugin
  • Smush - Compress, Optimize and Lazy Load

After handful of installations, tinkering with settings, and installing WP speed plugins. The Tri-Fecta above has not been beaten.

Performance is based on WordPress speed tests using Google Speed Test and GTmetrix.com.

One thing to remember, this article is talking about FREE WordPress plugins to speed up websites, not premium plugins. Why pay when you can get fantastic performance out of free-to-use plugins.

Tips to Speed Up WordPress Website

No matter the template, or custom design, increasing WordPress website speed has never been easier. No need to download a handful of speed plugins to install. The best way to speed up WordPress is done by using the 3 FREE WordPress plugins in this article.

Countless Examples of Fast WordPress Websites No Matter the Template

Install Plugins In The Following Order

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